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We take culture seriously at GNP Realty Partners. We believe our staff, clients, and business associates benefit from the positive values that shape our organization: These values are at the HEART

From ownership to entry-level staff, we practice what we preach. 

  • We support one another—personally and professionally. We know the whole person comes to work, not just the “employee.” 
  • We respect each other. Varying viewpoints, abilities, beliefs, and personalities produce better outcomes. 
  • We work as a team. We step up to help when needed, no matter the task. 
  • We look to our team as a talent source for talent. Growing GNP from within and from the recommendations of current employees has consistently produced long-term team members committed to our business strategy and client services.  
  • We help high-performing team members find their next challenge—through internal opportunities or introductions and recommendations. 
  • We hold each other accountable. We embrace the five precepts of our HEART culture equally and evaluate ourselves against them.  

To provide excellence, integrity, and professionalism to our clients.

If our culture appeals to you, email your professional experience and interests. 

GNP Realty Partners employees pose together at the Christmas party