Vasi Kutrumanes

Vasi Kutrumanes, Partner, President and CFO, provides strategic and organizational leadership to direct all financial activities of the organization. She oversees financial analysis activities, including budget planning, annual report preparation and forecasting of revenue and expenses. She also oversees the implementation of training programs and required continuing education to ensure the integrity of GNP’s accounting system. Her creative and intelligent insight improves financial operations and organizational performance, benefiting GNP’s clients.

Before establishing GNP Realty Partners, Vasi worked as Vice President of Finance for a regional real estate development and consulting company, overseeing financial operations for the acquisition, development, construction, sales and marketing of commercial and residential properties. She also headed her own accounting firm, serving clients in real estate, construction, development and aviation.

Vasi holds a Bachelor of Science in business education from DePaul University in Chicago and is active in business, trade and philanthropic organizations.