Viki Kerkeres

Director of Talent & Development

Viki Kerkeres, Director of Talent & Development, brings a diverse background in business operations to GNP’s Human Resources function. Her 15+ years working as an HR professional with a legal background allows Viki to provide strategic direction to senior management on all employee and employment law-related matters, including policies and procedures, employee leave, hiring and termination, benefits and employee engagement.

While much of her career has focused on employee relations and engagement, Viki has drawn on her legal expertise in various ways outside the HR arena, including those associated with leasing commercial and residential real estate. Her passion for driving company culture in support of performance, results and positive employee relations makes Viki an excellent fit for the GNP family of companies.

Her hands-on experience includes building an HR department from the ground up and managing scaled growth from seven employees to 250. She has also managed HR operations for global companies with employees in India, Europe, Asia and the U.S. Viki is a fluent French and Greek speaker and writer.

Viki holds a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University, majoring in French and international studies. She earned her Juris Doctor, cum laude, from John Marshall Law School in 2007 and was admitted to the Illinois Bar the same year.