$70 million re-development of fully occupied downtown office building

Office Re-development – 2022  

430 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 

Acting as the developer, general contractor and project manager, GNP Realty Partners is nearing completion (summer 2022) of the re-development of a 300,000 sq. ft. mixed-use commercial property located at 430 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago. The $70 million re-development will be the most sweeping change to the property since it was built in 1962.  

 We completed the work in several phases. Key project components include a vertical expansion (i.e., building a building on top of an existing property); state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure; a dynamic new elevator system; well-appointed interior design; Class A amenities, including a fitness lounge and conference center. The property is now fully ADA and City of Chicago code compliant. All work was performed with the property 100% occupied. 

Seasonally staggered construction schedules and portable systems, e.g., generators and air handling units, minimized disruption and ensured total comfort for building occupants during the replacement of critical systems. An extensive six-month pre-construction planning period helped eliminate big surprises typically associated with renovations of older buildings and kept costs in line with the budget. 

We assembled a team of nearly 50 people from across the U.S., including architects, engineers, interior designers, architectural lighting designers, elevator consultants and lawyers, to ensure successful project implementation. We also worked closely with the City of Chicago on permitting and zoning and public relations relative to how the investment affects the immediate area and the Chicago downtown office market. 

Project highlights: 

  • Conducted due diligence analysis to determine feasibility and project staging and associated renovations 
  • Created master project budget and financials  
  • Coordinated all project pre-planning and construction planning  
  • Coordinated all RFPs and selection of architects, engineers, designers, etc.  
  • Negotiated contracts and AIA agreements