New owner adds luxury amenities to downtown home

$1.6 million standalone downtown Chicago gets high-end treatment

West Loop three-level single-family condo

The owner of a west loop standalone condo wanted to give his new home a high-end makeover—drawing on modern concepts from a professional designer, which incorporated iconic designs. New to Chicago, the owner identified a local designer but needed a team of construction experts to realize his vision, which over time included new flooring, electrical upgrades, new kitchen cabinets, installation of a teak bathtub as part of bathroom rehab, the addition of a small first-floor kitchen off an existing room, a 16-foot custom floor-to-ceiling bookcase with lighting and the installation of a home sauna.

GNP initially connected with the client (Jason B.) at his workplace—a GNP-managed property—where our team was doing some construction. Jason approached us initially about recessed lighting and floor replacement. From there, the project list grew. We often worked with his preferred local designer, who chose top-of-the-line fixtures and home décor materials for us to install.

While much of the work has been straightforward installation, one notable exception was a request for new wood windowsills to accommodate one window recessed 16” from the wall. This project required reframing and re-drywalling around each window to address irregular level issues from the original construction.

Jason has been pleased with the outcomes—quality work for quality pieces—and offered this assessment of his experience working with GNP:

“Dean, Rich and Vasi — all the people at GNP — are not only experts at what they do, but they are also truly nice people who are wonderful to work with. They have great ideas and solutions to any problem that arises. All the workers are intelligent, thoughtful and skilled laborers. I actually look forward to seeing them. I can’t imagine choosing any other company to work with going forward.”

-Jason B. | Homeowner

Jason, we’ve enjoyed working with you, too, and while we hope you’re a long-term client, if and when you choose to sell, we’re confident the sales price will reflect the upgrades and custom amenities added.

We can focus on the high end, designer focused relationship. Delivering quality work for quality pieces. I linked the images from dropbox to get inspired on the work too when writing.  Also now included is the testimonial from the client to include.