Odor & Noise Mitigation for Residential Tenants

Pizano’s Restaurant and Bar

South Loop, Chicago

When a GNP-managed residential building owner in Chicago’s South Loop found a prospective commercial tenant to lease a street-level vacant retail space, they turned to us to seal the deal. The prospective tenant was Pizano’s, a local pizzeria and tavern. We worked with the owner to negotiate the improvements under the lease and build out the space, including all base building MEP and fire protection systems and mitigation to control future noise and odor.

To mitigate the odor and noise associated with a restaurant/bar operation, we assembled a team of consultants to devise creative air quality and soundproofing solutions. The resulting systems ensured all residential building tenants—including those directly above the restaurant—could enjoy the convenience of “dining out” inside their building without the hindrance of odors and noise typically associated with a restaurant/bar operation.

Large table with checkered tablecloth at Pizano's Restaurant