Turnkey listing solution for condo owners

Knowledge of property and community enhances sale and leasing process for Chicago area condos

Owners of condo units frequently approach our property managers, asking for a recommendation for a Realtor® to list their unit for lease or sale. They are surprised to learn that many of those same property managers are also licensed sales agents. Even when that is not the case, GNP’s family of companies includes residential sales and leasing support, providing access to the Chicago market MLS as part of a robust marketing strategy.

Our familiarity with the property and its history and knowledge of the condo community provides a turnkey solution for owners. Owners often comment they feel more comfortable using the property management company as their listing agent. They know we’re looking out for their best interests and the larger building community’s interests. They are also confident we’ll be vigilant in the screening process to ensure responsible tenants and financially capable buyers.