From hula hoops to a multi-million-dollar enterprise—all thanks to a belief in family values

A balance of vision and ability to execute made the partnership of Dean and Vasi Kutrumanes a success and gave birth to GNP Realty Partners. Like all businesses, there were some bumps along the way but underlying it all was a commitment to family and family values which proved to be the sustaining factor.

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Anyone who has spent any time with the Kutrumanes’ knows about the importance of family. The name alone, GNP, represents the initials of their three daughters’ first names—Georgiana, Natalie and Patricia. “Family” isn’t limited to just blood relatives. To be part of the GNP family means working as a team, respecting and supporting each other, and sharing a passion for providing GNP clients the best service across all entities.

Prior to GNP, Dean was senior executive at a local property management firm but wasn’t satisfied with the company’s approach to industry partners and alliances. Together with Vasi, who brings a background in financial management, they decided to strike out on their own, believing that a transparent, one-stop-shop approach to property management services was a formula for success. When interviewing for their first assignment, the Kutrumanes’ sent hula hoops to homes and offices of the client decision-makers with the message, “We’ll jump through hoops for you.” This creative commitment to customer service got them that first job and helped them grow GNP into today’s multi-faceted family of companies. Learn more about the GNP story and its broad spectrum of property services.

Dean and Vasi Kutrumanes