Home Design Trends For The Modern Millennial

While the influx of Generation Y into the workforce and commercial sector has left some corporate entities puzzled, one fact remains clear:

Millennials have really great taste.

Millennial couple standing in their modern kitchenWith their love of minimalism and practical decor, this generation has taken the reigns on international design trends. Whether renting an urban apartment or setting their sights on a single family home, Millennials have an unprecedented zest for life that comes through in their decor preferences.

“Home design trends are like fashion— constantly in flux,” Shelley Little writes in freshhome. “What’s hot one minute is not so hot the next, leaving you with an outdated home….Millennials have a unique perspective on life and how it should be lived, and this outlook is shaping how homes are being designed and built.”

So, what exactly do these styles look like?

The following are some of the up and coming home design trends being pioneered by the selfie generation.

  1. Small Homes – This generation of new homeowners is all about spacial efficiency. Perhaps it’s because their Baby Boomer parents were notoriously materialistic or because of widespread financial hardship, but they have a desire to use everything they own. This means that Millennials will take the time to purchase functional furniture that offers both comfort, style, and storage.
  2. Ethical Products – Millennials are more skeptical of the products they buy. Ethical production is a must. They want to know that their furniture and decor items were made with ethics and quality in mind. So, while they are money-conscious, they might be more likely to invest on a small business-made piece.
  3. Natural Materials – While modern designs are known for sleek surfaces and industrial styles, younger homeowners are putting a more rustic twist on this. Millennials appreciate wooden surfaces as well as brick to set a foundation for the rest of their design, which generally includes plenty of plants.
  4. Sustainability – Millennials prioritize environmentalism more than members of older generations, making this a key factor in their home and apartment search. Eco-friendly appliances, renewable energy, compost capabilities, shared resources, and green materials are likely to catch a modern home buyer’s eye.
  5. Mixed Styles – While Gen Y might be known for their love of modern design and natural features, they tend to mix and match. As with many homeowners in the U.S., young people still hold a love for traditional design. And as these 80s and 90s babies explore the trends of past decades, they are likely to experiment with retro home features within their more modern taste.

Millennial woman working in a coffee shopNow more than ever, Millennials are looking for practicality and durability in their home products.

“Millennials consider sustainability in every sense of the word,” Michael Merschat of Wentworth Inc. said in a statement to The Washington Post. “Environmental impact is driving the selection of materials, but they are also concerned about durability and functionality of the things they buy.”

As Millennials age, their tastes are sure to change. But considering how the design market is moving now, they just might be the ones setting the rules.