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Revolutionizing skylines with cloud-based technologies

Technology is at the core of our general contracting and construction management services—shaping the future of your building through innovative approaches. Leading-edge cloud-based technologies enable our team, internally and externally, to address the challenges associated with a given project and maintain flexibility in the ever-changing construction landscape. 

Advanced cloud-based solutions streamline pre-construction activities from the request for proposal process to general communication with team members. These platforms support a host of integrated functions during construction – including bidding, requests for information, submittals, change events, and construction site staffing – allowing us to conserve resources and provide competitive pricing. A BIM-based process and other key project management software simplify our construction activities. These tools reduce risk by connecting our internal field, external team and office teams in real-time, providing greater visibility into every step of a project and facilitating the delivery of projects on time, within budget and immeasurable quality.