Kitchen rehab in Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg, Illinois homeowners Andy and Vickie were looking for a more family-friendly kitchen. After consultation with GNP’s self-performing construction team, they decided to combine the dining room and kitchen for an eat-in island kitchen, allowing a better flow in a space that is often the center of family activity. A load-bearing wall had to be removed to combine the two rooms, adding complexity to the project.

The timeline for the kitchen remodel was 30 days. All work was going smoothly with the project on track for completion within 30 days when a supplier advised there would be a two-week delay on delivery of the granite countertop. To avoid further inconvenience to the family, our team built a temporary wooden countertop for the new island, which was well-used until the granite arrived and could be installed to complete the project.

CMPS was wonderful to work with on our recent kitchen remodel. The team kept to our tight deadline and were quick to respond to any questions or issues that came up. We highly recommend CMPS construction to anyone looking to do any type of remodeling to their home.

– Andy & Vickie | Homeowners

We value Andy and Karen’s recommendation, but it’s more than just words. They asked us to return to remodel their basement three years later.