What to Look for When Selecting a Construction Management Team

If you’re planning a construction project for your residential or commercial property, you should seriously consider hiring someone to handle the construction management. While this may seem like a simple decision, the construction management partner you choose is just as important as the construction team you hire to actually complete the work.

The construction management team can make or break your project before you even break ground. As such, it is important to do a little research before you make a final hiring decision. Here are a few things to look for as you interview potential construction management firms and compare their services side by side.

Years of Construction Management Experience

Construction Management meeting to discuss development

One of the first things you should find out about a potential construction management partner is their experience in the industry. Construction projects almost always have unforeseen issues, but the more construction projects a company or individual has managed, the more issues they’ve likely experienced. Consequently, their skill set likely includes higher level problem-solving capabilities and lessons learned wisdom. A relatively new construction manager who hasn’t been exposed to many projects, and thus unforeseen circumstances, may not be able to anticipate potential problems and find solutions as quickly.

It is also important to ensure the construction management company you hire has direct experience with the type of construction project you’re planning. A construction manager who has experience in the construction of commercial buildings, may not be the right fit for a residential construction job, regardless of their years of experience in the job. One of the best ways to determine a construction manager’s job performance is by looking at their past work, so take the time to reach out to their references.

Construction Management Budget & Schedule

One of the jobs of the construction manager is to help plan the budget for the project and then ensure that the project stays on track. As such, the right construction management team will consistently monitor the budget throughout the lifecycle of the project, providing you with continual budget updates and letting you know of any potential issues ahead of time. Additionally, they will also work to limit unnecessary costs like damage to materials or labor overages resulting from scheduling issues.

As with years of experience, often, the higher the value of construction management budgets handled throughout the years, the more competent and trustworthy the team. When a construction manager is capable of keeping a more expensive project within budget, the more likely he/she will be able to manage the minutiae of a project with a smaller budget.

Something else a construction manager needs to manage is the construction schedule. When construction doesn’t run according to schedule, it almost invariably fails to remain on budget — and sometimes delays can transform into added expenses in unexpected ways. Consider what can happen if a manager doesn’t pay invoices in a timely matter, which can lead to delay claims by contractors, as well as scheduling delays. Similarly, failing to implement change orders promptly increases inefficiency, introduces slack into the schedule, leads to contractor confusion, and invariably increases costs. Having a manger who can keep all of the disparate parts of a construction project operating in a punctual manner is vital.

Your Construction Management Teams’ Personality

Although personality may be the last thing you think about when selecting a construction manager, it is actually very important. Most construction projects last for long periods of time, so if you and your construction manager have clashing personalities it can make for a very difficult experience, no matter how qualified the construction manager is. Before you hire a construction management team it is advised that you make sure both parties are on the same page regarding communication so that you can minimize any issues tied to expectations as easily and quickly as possible.

GNP Realty keeps General Contracting In-House

Part of the way in which GNP keeps construction running smoothly is by keeping our general contracting in-house. Indeed, we consider this a key element of our construction management expertise. By building and acting as our own general contractor and doing the same for others, we understand the leadership and management challenges involved with being a construction manager, as well as serving as a general contractor in executing the work. That valuable, vertically integrated element provides numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • Applying local market knowledge and construction developments as part of the project’s oversight and quality assurance
  • Leveraging general contracting experience and expertise to plan and implement client goals
  • Effectively hiring contractors and negotiating contracts
  • Providing financial review, approval, and oversight services
  • Leveraging established relationship with local political and governmental departments and agencies
  • Applying value-engineering practices to the plans and projections developed by the project team
  • Reviewing all plans throughout every phase of the project
  • Participating in all planning and on-site construction meetings

By keeping our general contracting in-house, we can promise your project will be executed with unparalleled excellence and efficiency.

Other Important Considerations When Hiring a Chicago Construction Management Firm

If you already have a property manager or real estate partner, you may already have access to the best person for the job. Many property management companies, such as GNP Realty, offer construction management services, which would allow you to streamline your project and save you the extra cost of hiring a new company. In addition, since you already know how you work together you can avoid any personality clashes that could setback or derail your project.

Construction on GNP Realty and NAR Development Project

In fall 2018, GNP Realty began the renovation project of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) building at 430 N. Michigan. The National Association of Realtors is America’s largest trade association with 1.4 million members and growing. This $45 million partnership with One Development, the new development and design branch of GNP Realty, was to vertically expand and completely redevelop the 430 N. Michigan building. The originally 12 story, 56-year-old building is completely renovated to form what it now nicknamed GNP Realty’s “Blue Heaven.” Due to COVID19 restrictions, the building has also been redesigned to manage traffic flow and frequent sanitation. For more details read here.